Tuesday, August 24, 2010

bangkok favorites cont.


  1. Wow, what a refreshing way to blog about your adventures! I wish I can do the same thing, but I'm a bit, how do you say, artistically-challenged, even with drawing stick figures...

    I love the little details you add in -- love the overturned garbage can (?)

  2. I love all the drawings and texts. It's just so happy! By the way, you went to Bangkok? My dad actually lives there and it's defintiely one of my favourite cities:D

  3. elle>
    Aw thanks :) The overturned garbage can was a huge art monument ... such a cool place BKK is

    Your dad lives there! How cool!! Maybe I saw him while I was roaming around the city :D

  4. chibi>
    yeahh, but the thing is he looks very Thai which makes it hard to find him in Thailand!haha Btw, thanks for your visit and comment on my blog, and I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to reply to you... my laptop's not working at the moment and I have no idea how to fix it:/ That's why I'm writing through my sister's laptop tonight...

    Theatre Products is just amazing. If you live in Japan, you defintiely should chek out the shows and the shops when you're free! Very romantic and lovely. It matches to the atmosphere of your blog ;)

  5. I'm absolutely loving your Bangkok sketches. I've just got back from Thailand and Japan and I love your observations on Bangkok, they make me remember bits that I had forgotten!

  6. i love these!!! so cute :33333

  7. cat face>
    You were in BKK! How nice- I hope you enjoyed :)

    Thanks :)