Wednesday, June 9, 2010

collage from FUDGE

I cut out some styles I liked from one of my favorite magazines: FUDGE
I wonder if their title is deliberate or not
Despite its title, the content is rather good-- many of the clothes are to my taste

i am lusting for cute short pants for the summer

and white lace leggings! they are getting to be too hot but still... they are so nice

And this is what i want and could possibly afford lol

Juicy Tube from Lancome feat. Kusama Yayoi

Kusama Yayoi is a well-known Japanese artist whose been churning out merchandise these days
I personally don't like this art-commercialism but these juicy tubes are way too cute to turn down


  1. Oh. Those juicy tubes designed by Kusama Yayoi are lovely! I did a search on the internet for the price! Oh. my...They cost 2,415 Yen for one!!!


  2. love the legging!!
    omg! cool!

  3. i love the pants, and i definitely think the name was deliberate. come on, fudge, you can only think of... yummy things. lol. but the lippy tubes are really cute. & i bought a crapload of lace stockings and leggings, and i'm kinda bummed cause i can't figure out how to wear them!