Monday, May 31, 2010

gallery visit with chibi 2


  1. Your blog is really cool, I went back several posts and you have really great inspiring content. I'll be back again :)

    Hope you can check out my blog and maybe even follow? :)

  2. コメントありがとう!「小さい個」、すっごくおもしろい!音楽の趣味も本当に似てる。キラーズ、パッション・ピット、ミーカ・・・これからもブログチェックします。よかったら私がライターで参加している「Cookiescene」のホームページも見てみてください。

  3. oooh, work 5 sounds really cool. i'm really trying to imagine what it would look like. is it a ball that holds all the fragmented pieces? and i think i know anish kapoor. okay... maybe not. i'm mixing the indian architect up with someone else.

    as for that chalk dust ... people can get away with anything and call it art. sometimes i surprise myself when i try to come up with a reason for the point(lessness) that some artists create.