Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So my first blog entry ...


Lets see ...

I am a girl who loves both edgy studded boots and flower-patterned frilly skirts

I like to rim my eyes with black eyeliner but sometimes I feel like no make-up at all

I use "cute" to describe everything that is to my liking: from puppies to grandmas to oompla loompas

Sometimes I like to act smart and philosophiZE

This blog is where I upload my doodles I make during class about my fashion, my daily life, my randomz
It will also be a place to boast my adventures around Tokyo

So enough with the intro; the doodle of the day:

my outfit

I LOVE my white tunic-- its airy lightness, the patterns around the neck, OH EVERYTHING
I've worn it since 6th grade so some people make surprised comments about it when they see me wearing it

The H&M leggings/spats? works superb with baggy or long tops that stick to the body

And the shoes ... oh these shoes .... they kill my feet but I love them all the same


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